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Manufacturing Savvy

Who Met Energy Reduction Goals 9 Months Ahead of Schedule?

That would be HP, who announced last week that they have met or exceeded their goal to reduce energy consumption.

"I'm pleased to report that HP products today are, on average, more than 50% more energy efficient than they were five years ago," said Engelina Jaspers, vice president, Environmental Sustainability, HP.

And the company wants everyone to achieve the same goals -- by using their products. The company unveiled energy savings research and analysis showing that if all makes and models of printers, notebook and desktop PCs, displays and servers shipped in 2005 were recycled and replaced with new HP energy-efficient models, customers could save approximately $10.4 billion in energy costs, and avoid more than 40 million metric tons of CO2 emissions within a year.

To make sure the world knows about this, the company embarked on its "Unlocking Your Energy" tour.

The first stop was in New York on March 10 and tour will have stops in San Francisco, Beijing, Hong Kong and London.

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