Manufacturers: Now Is the Time to Make the Shift to Digital

Manufacturers: Now Is the Time to Make the Shift to Digital

Oct. 5, 2017
By automating manual processes, you ensure consistency and efficiency throughout all operations, and know that it’s all working because you have a digital recor

Your challenges aren’t trivial: complying with strict industry regulations, consistently producing quality products, and responding to a rapidly fluctuating marketplace. And your IT team (or person) doesn’t have an easy job, either. Their days are spent fighting fires, manually reconciling data silos, attempting to maintain system connectivity, creating reports, and tackling hardware and software updates.

While there are many strategies to stay competitive, there’s one that can have a huge impact on how you do business: digital transformation.

The tried-and-true way of doing things is no longer sustainable. Manual processes are inherently error-prone. Doing everything on paper means you can’t be as responsive as your competition. By automating manual processes, you ensure consistency and efficiency throughout all operations, and know that it’s all working because you have a digital record of everything.

Making the shift to digital enables you to:

Manage Quality with Ease

Your reputation depends on the ability to reliably produce high-quality products. If you’re still managing quality control manually or through siloed programs and tools, you’re likely grappling with compliance challenges or trying to manage unnecessary waste and scrap.

When you go digital, you “operationalize” quality control with digital control plans and in-line quality checks. By replacing cumbersome manual processes with error-proof, digital quality control, you are able to deliver a more consistent product while streamlining compliance with industry requirements.

Gain Visibility Across the Organization

In the absence of end-to-end, cross-organizational visibility, it’s difficult to make informed decisions at the right moment. Data is dispersed across the company, and the right hand often doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

Once you’ve automated processes and digitize information, you gain real-time visibility. With insight into inventory, you can reduce stockouts, drive down carrying costs, and free-up production capacity. Audits are no longer a challenge because all transactions are captured and you simply login to view compliance documentation.

Control the Shop Floor

If your shop floor is operating via manual processes, you likely see waste and rework as part of the job. It doesn’t have to be that way. Going digital enables lean manufacturing from production to order to delivery. Operators can easily oversee production from an intuitive control panel that connects them with everything they need, from any device. Digital data collection replaces paper processes and automates manual processes, resulting in fewer errors, waste, and rework.

Download The Shift to Digital: A Competitive Edge for Large Manufacturers to see how manufacturers like you have become more competitive from going digital.

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