Cook Urological Expands Capacity to Accomodating Increasing Demand

Women's health and urology product lines growing

Cooke Medical , a medical manufacturing company is expanding its facilities at its original plant in Spencer, Ind. The new facility's footprint takes up a total 160,000 total square feet with more than 65% dedicated to manufacturing.

Additional amenities include an expanded kitchen, a cafeteria with outdoor seating and employee fitness center. With an eye on continued growth, the facility has also been designed to allow for an additional 100 or more employees to augment the existing 500-person workforce.

"Medical devices manufactured at Cook Urological in Spencer have helped improve or save the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients all over the world, says Derek Voskuil, the plant's general manager. The building expansion provides us with the space and flexibility needed to help even more patients in coming years. We have expanded in a way we believe the community will be proud of; consistent with our commitment to be a good employer, corporate citizen, and neighbor."

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