Dow Corning's Well-Oiled Energy Solution

Dow Corning's Well-Oiled Energy Solution

Dow's Molykote Energy Savings Calculator helps plants to control energy costs.

Reining in energy costs could be just a few online data inputs away. Dow Corning Corp. has introduced a Web-based energy calculator that's designed to help plants meet their sustainability objectives and reduce their energy usage through proper lubrication. The $4 billion silicone-based products manufacturer launched the online tool in March.

"A typical large manufacturing plant can have more than 80,000 lubrication points, any of which can create drag and friction, meaning more energy is needed and more emissions are created," notes Phil Grellier, Dow Corning global solutions development manager. "The wrong lubricant or the correct lubricant applied in the wrong manner can be highly inefficient and even halt plant operations. With so much at stake, making sure that the equipment is properly lubricated is critical."

The tool allows users to enter variables such as kilowatts, hours per day and hours per year needed to run such equipment as motors, gearboxes, pumps, compressors and fans. The tool calculates potential reductions in kilowatt hours, carbon dioxide emissions and overall cost savings.

Access Dow's Molykote Energy Savings Calculator.

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