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Efficiency Boosts Productivity

Increased employee output increases productivity

Most employees and their bosses think productivity either increased or remained the same in 2006, primarily due to greater employee output and efficiency, according to Randstad USA's annual World of Work survey.

Nearly the same percentage of employees (42%) and employers (41%) say productivity has remained the same since 2005. Less than one-half (43%) of employers say productivity has increased since the previous year compared with 33% of employees who say productivity has risen. Only 14% of employees say productivity was down in 2006 versus 12% of employers who also report declines.

The results are based on interviews in early 2007 of 1,251 employers and 1,888 employees in the United States.

Reasons Why Productivity is Improving

Reason cited Employers
(% of responses)
(% of responses)
Increased employee productivity 28% 22%
Technology 15% 14%
More skilled people 12% 11%
Pay for performance 8% 4%
Logistics improvement 4% 2%
Investment 3% 1%
Supply chain efficiencies 3% 2%
Six Sigma 2% 1%
Outsourcing 2% 2%
Offshoring 1% 2%
On-site contract workforce management 1% 1%
Source: Randstad USA

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