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Goodyear Gives Green Light To RFID

A successful spin around the NASCAR track on Nov. 26, proved to Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. that RFID technology is a winning strategy.

"A multitude of passenger tire advances, such as innovative tread designs and new construction techniques, have evolved from our racing roots. Now RFID technology is following that same path," said Steve Roth, Goodyear's director of vehicle systems. "The fast-paced, high-pressure racing environment was the perfect real-life test for our patented, embedded RFID tag, which has been in development in our laboratories for several years," he said.

At the Craftsman Truck Series race at the Homestead - Miami Speedway in Florida, the RFID chip was used to store tire identification data and ensure each team received its correct tires. Goodyear, the exclusive tire supplier to NASCAR's top three series, says RFID is the quickest method available to log in the thousands of new and used tires that are returned at the end of a race before teams can depart the track.

Goodyear expects RFID to have a substantial impact on tire production, warehousing, sales and service. Looking to the future, Goodyear anticipates adding specific tire data that would eventually lead to improved vehicle performance.

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