Manufacturers' Award-Winning Wellness Practices

See what Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Medtronic, Michelin and Pitney Bowes offer their employees

Earlier this year, the National Business Group on Health presented its 7th Annual "Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles" Awards.

"These awards set an ever-higher standard for improving employee and family health, engagement and productivity. From its inception, the awards have been a catalyst for action and a source of best practices across industries and geographies," explained Helen Darling, CEO, National Business Group on Health.

Companies offer a variety of programs from nurselines, to fitness centers, personalized coaching and on-site clinics.

Here's a look at some the winning programs:

Dell -- Dialing for Health

Through its "Well at Dell" program the company has removed barriers and is creating a healthy work environment with access to convenient, low-cost health and wellness programs/resources. Dell participants are encouraged to engage in healthy lifestyle choices through health promotion activities, prevention and early detection, wellness challenges and awareness programs. Additionally, all participants have access to constant health and medical decision support and personalized health improvement programs through a single online portal and a nurseline.

HP -- CEO Support

Hewlett-Packard's "Winning with Wellness" brought U.S. employees on-site Wellness Days, incentives for fitness challenge participation, and online resources to engage employees and family members. HP's CEO supported wellness by personally participating in wellness events and highlighting it in his "CEO Interview" employee video series. HP also invested in new on-site clinics in the U.S. and refurbished fitness centers in 19 sites in six countries.

IBM -- Personal Transformation

IBM's wellness programs aim to drive individual action and personal transformation. The company invests in prevention and primary care, supports health system reform and develops programs for healthy lifestyles through web-based healthcare tools. IBM places specific focus on helping the global workforce receive recommended clinical preventive services, adopt physically active lifestyles, achieve and maintain healthy weight, establish and maintain good nutrition, and become and stay smoke-free.

Intel -- Personalized Coaching

Intels "Health for Life" motivates employees to take action and achieve their best possible health and quality of life through on-site biometrics, annual health assessments, fitness programs, wellness seminars, flu prevention, and personalized wellness coaching. The program is currently available in nine countries with over 40,000 employees using these services. In addition, primary medical care services are available at select Health for Life Centers providing employees convenient access to quality care at low cost.

Medtronic -- Healthy Incentive Account

Medtronic's "Total Health" uses personal health coaches, to take full advantage of the company's health program offerings and online tools. Components include on-site wellness screenings, health risk questionnaire, lifestyle management programs, disease management programs, nurselines, disability management and mental health resources. Employees who maintain or improve their health can earn $150 toward a Healthy Incentives account. Employees who enroll in the program and complete their HRQ pay $50 less per month for their health premium.

Michelin -- Preventive Care

"Choose Well-Live Well" is Michelin's holistic, long-term strategy for changing how the company, its employees, and covered spouses or domestic partners and dependents approach health/health care. The program shifts the focus from treatment of illness to wellness, prevention and quality of care. It integrates preventive care and consumer-driven medical plan design with healthy food choices, health assessments, health coaching, weight management, condition/disease management, case management, financial incentives, enhanced employee assistance services and more.

Pitney Bowes -- Incentives

Using evaluations, benchmarking and program analysis, Pitney Bowes has advanced the company's health improvement programs and has seen positive results in health improvement and in containing health care costs. The company has been involved in wellness since 1993. Programs promote healthy behaviors and utilize a variety of formats, as well as incentives to appeal to its diverse employees.

To view the entire list of award winners click here.

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