Online Network Offers Best Practice Research for Management

Hackett Group launches leadership community for finance, IT, HR and procurement.

New ideas keep companies running, but there's also no point in reinventing the wheel. That's why companies are always interested in learning what others are doing to improve efficiency. To help them out, the Hackett Group has launched an open-access leadership community designed for executives in finance, IT, HR and procurement.

Offering members access to research metrics and empirically derived best practices insights, Hackett's Performance Network helps users improve their efficiency and effectiveness by gaining access to receive monthly updates that include detailed explorations of Hackett performance metrics and best-practice research insights.

Members have the ability to participate in and view results from Hackett's performance studies, enabling them to compare their company's performance to average and top-performing organizations. This includes studies currently underway in areas such as: financial shared services; IT business value management; compliance; and planning and budgeting. Members are also able to participate in select Webcasts, including those offering continuing professional education credits for qualified finance professionals.

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