Procter & Gamble Employs Solution to Ensure Supply Chain Efficiencies

One million files per month travel through Axway's system

As part of its ongoing initiative to be a supply chain leader and optimize trading partner relationships, P&G is using Axway's solution for their external managed file transfers (MFT).

Currently, orders, invoices, shipment notifications and other message files flow through the Axway gateway daily at P&G, for a total of more than one million files per month .

"Today, smart companies are creating a co-innovation infrastructure to enable higher-level innovation. P&G is a leader in this, leveraging their relationships with partners and other companies, improving success rates with aggressive sustainability and product innovation goals, while realizing increased cost savings," said Dave Bennett, chief technology officer, Axway.

The solution provides:

  • Consolidation of diverse MFT communications into a single framework
  • Easy onboarding of new partners, regardless of technical capabilities, allowing P&G to extend its partner community
  • Peer-to-peer networking with active dual site failover
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