Supply-Chain Council Announces New Board of Directors and Officers

Eight new appointments

Eight supply chain professionals were elected by the membership of the Supply-Chain Council to the organization's Board of Directors, joining the seven existing members of SCC's board. Newly elected board members, whose terms run from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2012, are as follows:

* Christian Verstraete, CTO, Manufacturing & Distribution Industries, Hewlett Packard
* Jane Barrett, Research Director, AMR Research
* John Sells, Senior Manager, Logistics & Sustainment, Lockheed Martin
* Maha Muzumdar, VP, Supply Chain Marketing, Oracle Corporation
* Matt Davis, Global Supply Chain Strategy, Dell
* Michael P Wenzel, Director, Commodities Maintenance, US Air Force
* Nando Galazzo, VP Procurement, Borealis Group
* Rocky Newman, Professor SC & Ops Mgmt, Miami University of Ohio

David Malenfant, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Alcon Labs, is now Chair of the Board and Nancy Craft, Manager, Volvo, is Secretary. Dennis Zagrodnik, Material & Order Flow Manager, DaimlerChrysler, continuers as Treasurer, and Gary Kilponen, Energy and Manufacturing Industries Leader, Sunergos, is Vice Treasurer. Mary Scheibner, Global Supply Chain Director, BASF Corp., is now Past Chair.

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