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Tailored To Fit

Tailored To Fit

Replacing custom parts with configurable components can cut costs and save time.

Most returns on investments are felt over time. Some arrive immediately. Then there are others felt both in the long and short term. Misumi USA offers just that possibility for automation machine builders by replacing previously custom-built parts with configurable components, which can provide time savings and cost reductions.

When machines are built, manufacturers try to use as many standard pieces as possible to reduce costs. Often, components such as shafts, bearings, plates, stands, brackets, ball screws, fasteners, actuators and couplings are required at sizes not readily available, necessitating companies to make these pieces themselves or order them custom built, at a high expense.

Misumi USA allows customers to configure these parts online, generate a 2-D or 3-D CAD drawing, download it, and have it delivered within a week.

"In this global economic climate, with all the challenges everyone is facing, industrial equipment manufacturers have to reduce costs and increase their efficiency," says Masanori Suzuki, president of Misumi USA. "Standardization means faster, easier maintenance and repair, as well as reduced machine downtime when replacement parts become necessary."

Automated equipment manufacturer Cincinnati Automation & Test relies on an efficient supply of outsourced machine components in the development of equipment for customers in the automotive and aerospace industries.

One of the most common pieces found in automation machines is a locating pin. According to Chris Blaszczyk, manager of engineering at Misumi USA, locating pins are widely available, but only in standard sizes. Misumi allows for configurations in millions of ways, but at minimal expense.

"The unique thing is once you configure it, it generates a parts number, so you can come back months later and order another dozen, with the same tolerances," says Blaszczyk.

Misumi imposes no minimum order requirements or set-up charges on its products of more than 500,000 metric and inch mechanical components.

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