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Boeing Forecasts Russian Market Demand at $140B

Boeing Forecasts Russian Market Demand at $140B

Boeing Commercial Airplanes (Boeing Corp. IW500/9) issued a new 20-year regional market forecast for aircraft demand in Russia and the CIS region, predicting a need for 1,170 new aircraft by 2035 – a total pegged at $140 billion. “Russia and CIS region continues to have a strong commercial aerospace market,” stated Sergey Kravchenko, president, Boeing Russia and CIS.

For perspective, Boeing’s 20-year outlook for global aircraft demand sees a need for 39,620 new airplanes, with the Russia/CIS region representing nearly 3% of total global demand.

The Confederation of Independent States (CIS) is a loose association of former Soviet republics with nominal authority in trade, finance, lawmaking, and security. Along with Russia, the full members are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Georgia, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine are former Soviet republics, but are not CIS member states.

Russia has a major aircraft manufacturer of its own, mainly consisting of former Soviet design and manufacturing enterprises for civilian and military jets, now consolidated as United Aircraft Corp., and similar set-ups producing helicopters, and smaller aircraft.

Just under a year ago, Boeing’s rival jet-builder Airbus issued a 20-year forecast for Russia and the CIS region, predicting demand for 1,280 new aircraft, and valuing that demand at $150 billion.

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