The AH64 Apache is an attack helicopter fixed with twinturboshaft engines multiple weapons options and sophisticated targeting capabilities

The AH-64 Apache is an attack helicopter fixed with twin-turboshaft engines, multiple weapons options, and sophisticated targeting capabilities.

Boeing In Line for $2.9-Billion Apache Contract

Boeing Co. (IW500/12) will be named soon as the supplier of AH-64 Apache helicopters to the U.K. Ministry of Defense, according to unconfirmed reports in Britain. The contract for 50 new helicopters would be worth about $2.92 billion, and would include extended maintenance services for the aircraft.

The report indicated Boeing Defense would add the helicopters to a larger order for Apaches to be supplied to the U.S. Army.

The AH-64 Apache is an attack helicopter with a twin-turbo shaft engine, a tail wheel landing gear arrangement, and a tandem cockpit for a two-man crew. It has a sensor package mounted at the nose of the aircraft, for target acquisition, and night vision systems, supporting a 30-mm (1.18 in) gun mounted under the aircraft's forward fuselage. It usually is armed with a mix of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and Hydra 70 rocket.

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