Highlights from the 2010 IW Best Plants Conference

Take a visual tour of IndustryWeek's annual gathering to celebrate the spirit of continuous improvement and the operational excellence of the IW Best Plants winners.

Cleveland, Ohio, played host to the IndustryWeek 2010 Best Plants conference held April 19-21. Seven area manufacturing plants threw open their doors to allow conference attendees a peek inside, while some 30 sessions and three keynote speakers shared wisdom, warnings and plenty of dialog about how to improve manufacturing operations. Attendees also took time to celebrate the 2009 IndustryWeek Best Plants winners and learn from their stories as well.

These two slideshows will provide you with a taste of the event. We also hope it encourages you to attend a future IW Best Plants conference. The IW 2011 Best Plants Conference will be held April 4-6, 2011, in Atlanta, Ga.

  1. Photo highlights from the conference
  2. Awards presentations to the 2009 Best Plants Winners
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