Product 2.0: iLinc Offers Low-Cost, Flexible Web Video Conferencing Solution

Product 2.0: iLinc Offers Low-Cost, Flexible Web Video Conferencing Solution

Multi-user video offers Web-based alternative to video conferencing installations

Modern communications technology has literally changed the definition of holding a meeting. Even with all this technology, some solutions providers insist companies should continue to invest in expensive dedicated end-to-end infrastructure. According to iLinc Communications, Inc., you likely already have everything you need to host a successful online video conference and data collaboration meeting.

iLinc's hosted and installed conferencing suite comes standard with Web conferencing and collaboration tools, including fully-integrated multi-point video. iLinc Web meetings allow everyone to see multiple participant videos at the same time; attendees can choose to display or hide their videos and select which attendees' videos they wish to view. For those companies that have already invested in end-to-end traditional dedicated systems, iLinc offers integration to extend those in room meetings to the desktop and leverage their existing investment using iLinc's free and fully supported API.

According to the company, multi-point video requires nothing more than a webcam to turn a Web conference into a multimedia video conference.

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