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Virtually Everywhere: UGS In Second Life

Virtually Everywhere: UGS In Second Life

UGS launches presence on Second Life virtual world.

Already a global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software, UGS Corp. now is taking on the virtual world. The technology firm has launched its UGS Innovation Connection on the Second Life 3-D virtual world at Second Life is a Web-based community built and owned by its "residents," which number close to 6 million, according to its developer, Linden Lab.

"With the natural focus we have on 3D content creation and collaboration, and the large number of our customers establishing [a] Second Life presence, it was only logical we would take a dive into Second Life," explains Dave Shirk, UGS executive vice president, global marketing.

The PLM provider says it will collaborate with customers and partners, host virtual conferences and provide yet another way to demonstrate how its solutions are used. Among the customers and partners showcased in the Innovation Connection is NASCAR racing organization Hendrick Motorsports.

UGS also will host product launch presentations in the Second Life auditorium.

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