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Alcoa Rewarded for Green Power

Company uses clean energy for 60% of its smelting operations

Alcoa was honored on Oct. 22 with the Green Power: Turn It On! Award from Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future (PennFuture) for its continued commitment to sustainability. Alcoa was recognized for using renewable, clean energy for 60% of its smelting operations, providing energy efficient materials for green buildings, having an employee energy reduction program, and leading the industry in the recycling and reusing of aluminum beverage cans.

"Alcoa was founded on Smallman Street in Pittsburgh in 1888 on the basis of developing an energy efficient way to produce aluminum. Our focus on energy efficiency continues. One of the best ways all of us can reduce energy usage is by recycling aluminum cans, because it takes 95% less energy to produce aluminum from recycled product than from bauxite ore," said William J. O'Rourke, Alcoa vice president, Sustainability and Environment, Health & Safety.

PennFuture's Green Power: Turn It On! Campaign is a multifaceted, multiyear campaign aimed at building the renewable energy market in the state.

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