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BASF Aims To Improve Brand Recognition With Green Marketing Site

Interactive, animated site designed to highlight company's roles, products to consumers

German chemicals conglomerate BASF recently announced the launch of a website designed to define what BASF is labeling a "high-performance community" by chronicling the lives of a representative family living in a high-performance home in a sustainable neighborhood.

Through interactive animated vignettes, visitors are informed about the company's wide portfolio of products and materials, and how they impact issues of affordability, energy efficiency, resistance to natural disasters, environmental responsibility, healthier indoor environments and design freedom.

Visitors to the site can also get information about improvements to applications including building envelopes, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, concrete and infrastructure technologies, coatings that provide weather resistance and aesthetics, renewable energy systems, pest resistance and landscaping materials, as well as advancements in low VOC construction materials that increase indoor-air quality.

For more information, visit, or

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