DuPont Buys Sulfur-Reducing Refinery Technology

Chemical giant acquires new technology for lowering sulfur content in motor fuels

Late last week, DuPont announced the purchase of the intellectual property of a technology used to lower the sulfur content of motor fuels from Process Dynamics, Inc., for an undisclosed amount.

The business will be folded into DuPont's Clean Technologies division, which is part of DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise. The division's other offerings include BELCO Clean Air Technologies, DuPont Clean Water Technologies and DuPont Sulfur Technologies.

Petroleum refiners use sulfuric acid as a catalyst in alkylation yet are required to produce low-sulfur motor oil and reduce sulfur-based emissions. The proprietary IsoTherming Technology purchased by DuPont involves a reactor system superior to conventional hydrotreating technologies, and can lower capital and annual operating costs while at the same time reducing motor fuel sulfur content.

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