Engine Manufacturers Association Develops Test Spec For Biodiesel

As momentum grows for the increased use of biodiesel fuels in engines, the trade association representing makers of internal combustion engines has released a test specification to evaluate how blended biodiesel fuels perform in diesel engines.

The Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) said its newly released specifications define a biodiesel blend fuel with the properties and characteristics engines manufacturers believe are needed to ensure good performance in today's engines.

"Engine manufacturers recognize that federal and state policy makers are evaluating the potential energy and air quality benefits that may be associated with the expanded use of high quality biodiesel fuel blends," says EMA President Jed Mandel. "The development of a test specification for a blended fuel with 20% biodiesel content is intended to jump-start the testing and evaluation process."

He continues, "Considering the tremendous investment that engine manufacturers and the nation have made to develop today's low-emitting and energy-efficient diesel technology, we cannot just assume that biodiesel is better. We have to know that a biodiesel blend fuel meets all engine requirements and its use results in equivalent performance and emissions."

Copies of the test specification for biodiesel fuel is available at the EMA's Web site, http://www.enginemanufacturers.org.

The EMA points out that its specifications are not an approved national fuel standard and does not constitute an endorsement of the use of blended fuel with 20% biodiesel content in any engine.

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