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EU, U.S. Launch Airline Pollution Initiative

Looking at 15%-20% emission reduction in next generation of aircraft

The European Commission and the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority announced an initiative on June 18 at the Paris Air Show aimed at reducing pollution by airlines on transatlantic flights. The AIRE project, short for the Atlantic Interoperabilitiy Initiative to Reduce Emissions, is to look at ways of reducing waiting times for landing aircraft and promoting jets with lower greenhouse gas and sound emissions.

Plane makers Airbus and Boeing are keen to impress with their green credentials at this year's Paris Air Show, one of the biggest aerospace events in the world.Airbus chief operating officer Fabrice Bregier and head of Boeing commercial planes Scott Carsen both stressed their commitment to reducing the fuel consumption of their aircraft.

They said their latest planes, the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787, consumed less than their predecessors and that a further reduction of 15%-20% would be possible for the next generation of aircraft.

The AIRE initiative is part of broader efforts to coordinate the modernization of air traffic control systems in Europe and the U.S. The FAA is promoting a future air traffic control system known as NextGen that is designed to reduce aircraft congestion in the air and at airports. A parallel European effort called Sesar is currently in its definition phase.

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