French, U.S. Firms Join to Develop Electric Car Batteries

Companies want to accelerate the supply of vehicle-ready battery systems

French industrial group Dassault and U.S. joint venture Dow Kokam announced on Sept. 22 a preliminary agreement on a partnership to create batteries for electric and hybrid cars.

"This strategic partnership with Dassault highlights Dow Kokam's intent to accelerate the supply of vehicle-ready battery systems to grow the market," Heinz Haller, a Dow Kokam board member, said.

The two companies have already been working together since 2008 and have jointly developed Cleanbat, a battery system technology for lithium-ion batteries with liquid-cooled thermal management and high precision electronics.

Electric cars have been a centrepiece at this month's Frankfurt auto show, where an array of top auto companies, including Volkswagen and Ford, displayed new electric and hybrid models.

Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2009

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