GE Manufacturing Plans Will Cut Energy Costs

As part of its ecominagination program, over the next two years, 148 GE industrial manufacturing plants and warehouses will undergo lighting retrofits that could reduce annual lighting energy costs at each facility by 50%.

The plants and warehouses are located worldwide, with 110 in the Americas, 36 in Europe and two in Asia.

"This initiative is the epitome of ecomagination," says John G. Rice, CEO of GE Industrial, a business that consists of Consumer & Industrial, Plastics, Advanced Materials, Security, Equipment Services, Sensing, Inspection Technologies and GE Fanuc. "It's a story of how environmental awareness can become contagious... a world-class lighting ecomagination testimonial in the making."

The retrofit will allow each location to reduce energy consumption by 1.4 million KwH, realizing $86,000 in energy-cost savings. The projected reduction in energy consumption of all 148 retrofits is 210.5 million KwH resulting in $12.8 million in energy-cost savings.

Another forecasted environmental benefit is the production of 155,700 fewer metric tons of CO2, which equates to the ongoing elimination of pollution from nearly 30,000 average-sized cars.

GE also plans to pursue an accelerated tax deduction incentive allowed by the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

For information about the ecomagination program visit:[email protected]/index.html

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