Green Purchasing Has Some Companies Seeing Red

Cost of implementing practices is holding some companies back

Environmentally friendly purchasing is a growing trend, but so far few companies are realizing any spin-off benefits in terms of reduced costs, according to a recent survey conducted by research firm EyeForProcurement.

The cost of implementing green purchasing practices is the main sticking point, with a basic unawareness of environmental concerns running a close second as a barrier. Out of those polled for the survey (primarily procurement executives at manufacturing and logistics companies), nearly half (48%) have no green purchasing policies in place, 21% have developed written policies on green purchasing and 31% are actively practicing it.

Key Benefits of Green Purchasing
(multiple responses possible)

Support of corporate sustainability strategy 67%
Responding to customer interest in green products 49%
Reduced liability, health and safety costs 19%
Cost reduction 12%
Increased shareholder value 12%
Source: EyeForProcurement

Key Barriers to Implementing Green Purchasing
(multiple responses possible)

Costs 43%
Suppliers' lack of environmental awareness 42%
Insufficient green purchasing knowledge 37%
Difficulties in preparing green purchasing specs 16%
Lack of corporate commitment 16%
Source: EyeForProcurement

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