Kuwait's Equate Launches Country's First Green CO2 Project

In joint venture with U.S. will reduce petrochemicals company's CO<sub>2</sub> emissions by 69-70%

Equate Petrochemicals Co., on Nov. 28, began the oil-rich Gulf state's first green carbon project which will use more than 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

Under the scheme, Equate, a Kuwait-U.S. joint venture, will capture CO2 emissions which will then be carried by a pipeline and injected into a special plant under construction, Equate president Hamad al-Terkait said.

Greencarbon Co., a private Kuwaiti firm, is building the plant at a cost of $65 million and CO2 will be used in food and beverage industries, managing director Nafeesi al-Nafeesi said.

The plant is set to start operating in 2012 and will reduce CO2 emitted by Equate, a large petrochemicals company, by between 60%-70% annually, Abdullah al-Masaud, Equate's Project Execution Manager, said.

Masaud said that Equate has already completed its part of the project, which was signed two years ago, and the company is now ready to provide 450 tons of CO2 daily.

Equate officials stressed that CO2 emissions are currently less than levels required by international standards but the company wants to reduce those emissions further.

Masaud said the company plans a second phase for the project to achieve zero-carbon emissions, but gave no time frame for the project.

Located in the industrial area of Shuaiba, about 31 miles south of Kuwait City, Equate produces hundreds of thousands of tons of polyethylene, ethylene glycol and styrene monomer annually.

The company also launched another environment-friendly scheme -- Plant Water Recycle Project -- with the aim to recover 80% of Equate process water which can be used for irrigation.

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