Laird Technologies Sets up Programs To Support Employees' Professional Growth

Partnered with Washington University on curriculum

Laird Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, announced on March 3 the creation of Laird Technologies University, a new program designed to educate and train internal employees in support of their professional growth. This program supports the continued development of sales and marketing talent from within the company by providing training, education and developmental assignments to the group.

The program is designed to provide foundational tools in critical thinking and business acumen to drive enhanced organic growth; develop participants' ability to evaluate customers' business, identify opportunities and craft solutions.

Employees participating in the program can achieve 'professional' status. This status implies expert selling and product management capabilities; product knowledge and application competence; clear understanding of company direction and strategic intent; unique problem solving skills; excellent communication skills, pride, and discipline; acceptance and credibility; analytical and planning skills; as well as overall comprehension achievement.

In support of the program, Laird Technologies has partnered with Washington University, one of the top 10 universities in the United States of America. Together, Laird Technologies and Washington University's Olin School of Business have created course material consisting of three modules: Foundation, Development, and Executive. This Foundation Module consists of "must-have" content, teaches day-to-day skills, and moves from "parts" to "systems." The Development Module teaches application and implementation of the Foundation's skills, as well as management of business elements. The Executive Module promotes understanding the overall business dynamic, understanding and working with strategy, industry-level business acumen, and MBA-level competence.

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