Letters to the Editor For January 2010

'Let business take care of business'

No More Government Help

Re: "First Up -- Get Going," December 2009

Your "Get Going" editorial in the December issue appears to acquiesce in giving government the lead role in manufacturing's future in the U.S. It seems to me that the government has done quite enough and more will be increasingly harmful. The last thing manufacturers need is a policy on how to conduct business handed down from a "czar." As a voice for the manufacturing interests, you should find the concept more than slightly chilling.

Bureaucrats and politicians are no more capable of creating jobs than they are of creating gravity. Of all the actions called for in the article, the only one that has potential for a positive effect is that of freeing up capital for businesses. This can be done by reducing the deficit and stop meddling in the finance markets.

The other actions your article espouses involve increasing government spending. Should government decide where R&D funds go? Will more government involvement in education make it better? Surely actions such as these will have the opposite of the desired effect.

IndustryWeek could better serve its base by calling for lower taxes, the elimination of cost-inflating regulation and immediate reduction of the budget deficit.

The best help to be hoped for from government is that it do no harm, and let business take care of business.

Greg Chastain
Granite City, Ill.

On the Other Hand

Thank you for writing the editorial, "Get Going." It worked for me.

I look forward to reading your thoughts in each issue and the editorial this month prompted me to thank you for a job well done.

Steve McClintick
Flexmation Inc.
Burnsville, Minn.

Climate Change is False Science

Re: "First Up -- The Two Sides of Climate Change," November 2009

I get several magazines each month. IndustryWeek is generally one I have enjoyed reading and your e-mail updates... until this issue!

Peter Morici's and Thomas Duesterberg's articles were great.

While I'm all for protecting the environment, letting guys like Al Gore make millions of dollars "going green" just isn't right. But I had to read your comments, "The Two Sides of Climate Change" at least three times. I just couldn't believe I was reading this false-science garbage and quoting of IPCC from an "industry" magazine that should be supporting manufacturing jobs and not political correctness.

And by the way, did you know the ice caps are melting just as fast on Mars where there are no humans or CO2? It's solar activity making the "climate change" in our universe!

Jerry Miller
M&M Hi Tech Fab, LLC
MAPCO & Miller Metal Mfg
Lexington, Ohio

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