New Waste Treatment Technology Coming of Age

Membrane Bioreactor technology (MBR), a method to treat wastewater, is showing up at plants across the country. "One of the main benefits of MBR technology is the superior effluent quality it produces in comparison to conventional techniques. Pollutants are reduced significantly, " explains Tom Voldrich, P.E. environmental manager for CT Consultants, a Cleveland-based engineering company. "This technology virtually eliminates the environmental impact from point source discharges to our receiving streams."

Voldrich used the new technology at the McFarland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cleveland after studying MBR in Japan where the technology has been operational for many years. An MBR treatment system requires less maintenance, power consumption and chemicals while producing less residual solids. Annual operational costs can be reduced by 25% with the MBR process. The wastewater is treated in a shorter time period and in reduced tank sizes, saving capital costs.

"Today both the industrial and public wastewater treatment market is moving towards this new technology, with the EPA looking into establishing design guidelines." explains Voldrich.

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