Omron Completes RoHS Compliance Process

Omron Electronic Components Business Europe, based in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, announced that effective March 1 it became RoHS compliant, and that it has removed all remaining non-compliant stock from its European warehouse in the Netherlands. The company, a global manufacturer of sensing and control components, has eliminated cadmium as well as lead from all of its devices.

Commenting on the status of the supply chain, Victor Viveen, product marketing manger, Omron ECB Europe added, "We have been shipping only compliant products to our distributors since October 2005, and over 90% of our products have been fully compliant since April 2005."

Omron ECB Europe chief operating officer Nigel Blakeway said that the European RoHS directive is only the first stage in an on-going global process. "California's laws, mirroring RoHS legislation, take effect in early 2007, while China and Japan are also imposing restrictions," he explained. "There are signs that the directives will be extended to cover other toxic substances.

Omron Corp.

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