Private Truck Fleets Going "Green"

"Green" initiatives are on the rise in the private trucking industry, with 67% reporting plans for additional investments this year. In a survey commissioned by Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based PHH FirstFleet, a consultant to the private trucking and transportation industry, 68% of the fleet managers report that they have some type of environmentally conscious initiative as part of their operations.

The majority of trucking firms use outside contractors to conduct recycling programs and handle waste products, but the investments have not been big and the programs remain very low key, said 59% of the group polled for the PHH FirstFleet National Survey Of Fleet Managers.

"Because many of our natural resources are non-renewable and trucking by-products may be detrimental to the environment, we encourage our customers to adopt aggressive 'green' policies that favor recycling and reducing polluting emissions," said Michael C. Lewis, president & general manager, First Fleet Corp.

To review the full summary including other issues of importance to the trucking industry visit (.pdf 595 kb)

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