Tech Manufacturer Opto 22 Goes Green

"OptoGreen" initiatives aim at recycling, offsetting and overall sustainable practices

Manufacturer and developer of hardware and software for industrial automation, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications Opto 22 recently announced its "OptoGreen" program, a corporate initiative focused on environmental responsibility through conservation, recycling, and sustainability.

Opto 22 outlined and implemented a full-scale, company-wide energy conservation and reduction plan in June 2006 which reduced overall water usage, established more energy-efficient HVAC systems, maximized use of natural sunlight over electric lighting, and thus far reduced overall power consumption by 29% over the last 12 months -- significantly reducing the company's carbon footprint in the process.

More recently, Opto 22 has worked with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to calculate and offset its remaining carbon footprint through the purchase of Green-e-certified Green Tags from BEF. As a result, the Opto 22 corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are now carbon neutral.

Also as part of OptoGreen, Opto 22 has augmented its already environmentally friendly day-to-day business practices -- which consistently promote sustainability, conservation, and pollution prevention -- through the recycling of all lunchroom cans and plastics, as well as light bulbs, glass, and aluminum, and production wastes like wires, lead trimming, and solder dross.

The OptoGreen program also recognizes the efforts of Opto 22 customers involved in and committed to endeavors that address environmental issues through research and development activities and new products and services in fields such as energy management, alternative fuels, biodiesel production and recycling plants.

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