Toyota Tops List -- This Time It's Green Brands

Best global green brands announced.

Maybe its' the planning. Maybe it's the largess of the goals.

This year Toyota announced its five-year plan which aims to:

*Establish a low-carbon society
*Establish a recycling-based society
*Establish a society in harmony with nature

Or perhaps it's the scope of their activates. " e are currently addressing programs and specifying actions and objectives in Toyotas corporate activity fields of development, which include design, procurement, production; logistics, sales and recycling," explained Rikis Inuzak, managing director, Corporate Planning Division and Research Division for Toyota during an interview with Interbrand.

But whatever it is Toyota landed at the top of Interbrand's list of Best Global Green Brands.

Grand plans are also part of Panasonic's DNA. ( #10 on the list) "Our vision is to become the number one green innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018, Panasonic's 100th anniversary," said Takumi Kajisha, managing executive officer for Panasonic.

For Hyundai (#11 on the list) it is the focus on a line of products that will help solve environmental issues that landed them on the list. Hyundai's Blue Drive "aims to raise the fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine," explains Steve S. Yang, CEO of Hyundai Motor Co. "As a long-term initiative, it realizes a dream of pollution-free cars by developing transport fuel, hybrid electric cars, and hydrogen fuel-cell cars."

Others in the top ten slots include: 3M, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, HP, VW, Honda, Dell Cisco and Panasonic.

Interbarnd noted that "as a whole, automotive brands received fairly high perception scores in comparison to their performance scores. This is likely because the automotive industry has been active in brand building in this area, showcasing hybrid models and additional products. Meanwhile, on average, electronics brands tend to score lower in perception than they do in performance, which suggests that they need to focus more on showcasing their green work."

To view the specific accomplishments of the companies click here.

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