U.S. Consumers Look To Big Business To Address Global Warming

Consumers will support enterprises that make necessary changes.

Not exactly what manufacturers want to hear, but it seems that 50% of consumers polled for a recent study on global warming believe that automotive, gas and oil companies value profit over climate change implications. The study, done by Los Angeles-based The MindClick Group, polls consumers on a quarterly basis as to how global warming is affecting their purchase habits, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors.

"For anyone who questions whether climate change is a mainstream issue, the answer is a resounding YES," explained JoAnna Abrams, CEO of The MindClick Group. "Be it political, economical or environmental, global warming is now a mainstream issue among U.S. consumers. Business leaders need to fully understand and prepare for the potential impact on their brands, products, and bottom line."

Abrams believes that consumers will vote with their feet. "American consumers are increasingly receptive to corporations that are finding ways to develop and implement truly innovative policies, programs, products and services that positively impact climate change. Conversely, survey results indicate that companies that choose to ignore environmental concerns can expect to find themselves at an economic disadvantage to those who embrace and effectively respond to it."

The survey also found that 33% of U.S. consumers attribute changes in personal health to unusual weather. And one out of three U.S. consumers attribute unusual weather patterns to global warming.

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