Wal-Mart To Use Peterbilt Hybrid Truck

Class 8 Peterbilt truck, with hybrid technology designed by Eaton, to be added to fleet

Online Peterbilt channel www.thepetestore.com recently announced the delivery of the industrys first Class 8 hybrid truck to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. The Peterbilt Model 386 Hybrid is the first of its kind and will be an addition to Wal-Marts fleet of over 230 Peterbilts.

The 386 Hybrid truck is part of a new commitment by Wal-Mart called Sustainability 360 which promotes innovations to increase efficiency throughout their organization, including extending mandates to vendors and customers. With this commitment, Wal-Mart -- owner and operator of the largest truck fleet in the world -- has taken a large step towards reaching its goal of improving overall fleet efficiency by 25 percent.

The hybrid power system technology utilized on this truck is designed by Eaton Corporation and features regenerative braking to retain energy generated by the engine, which would normally be lost, and storing it in batteries for later use. As needed, the electricity is sent through the motor/generator and blended with engine torque to improve vehicle performance, operate the engine in a more fuel-efficient range for a given speed and/or operate only with electric power in certain situations, increasing driving efficiency by 5-7 percent. The systems batteries can also power the heating, air conditioning, and electrical system when the engine is turned off.

According to Peterbilt, the improved miles per gallon, combined with the reduction of idle time, could result in approximately $9,000 in annual fuel savings (based on an average cost of $2.50 per gallon).

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