Yahoo Going Carbon Neutral

Will invest in environmental projects to offset its greenhouse gas emissions

While investors were tough on Yahoo's stock on April 18 the Internet giant announced it will go easy on the planet by going carbon neutral The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based online search engine will offset greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its energy use by investing in environmental projects worldwide, said Yahoo co-founder David Filo.

Filo estimated that Yahoo going "carbon neutral" will cut air pollution as much as would result from turning off the electricity to all San Francisco homes for a month or removing 25,000 cars from the streets for a year.

"We know carbon neutrality isn't without controversy," Filo said. "We think our offset program counts, but since this is a new and emerging market, we expect to learn as we go."

Yahoo's stock price was down nearly 12% on April 18 to $28.32 in the wake of a first-quarter earnings report showing the Internet pioneer's profits sagged 11% under the weight of operating expenses.

Editor's Note: It has come to our attention that another search engine, Picsearch, launched its environmental program a month ago. You can read more about Picsearchs carbon free search here:

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