Next Life Inc

New Recycling Plant to Open in Arkansas

NextLife Asset Recovery Services will invest more than $10 million, create up to 350 jobs.


NextLife Asset Recovery Services’ new facility in Rogers, Arkansas will recycle post-consumer plastics into an environmentally sustainable resin that can be used to manufacture new consumer plastic products.

The company announced a few week ago that they will invest more than $10 million and hire 350 at the processing facility in Rogers.

"We are thrilled to be opening our third location and our second processing facility,” said Ron Whaley, CEO of NextLife. “We are excited to bring green jobs to Arkansas.”

The facility in Rogers will collect and sort the post-consumer plastic waste in what will be the first of three phases for NextLife’s growth plans in Arkansas, the company said. The second phase will establish production lines to turn the plastic waste into sustainable resin, and the third phase will allow the company to establish joint ventures and manufacturing facilities with plastic goods manufacturers.

NextLife’s re-engineered sustainable resins can be customized for use in a wide variety of applications, including consumer products and food packaging. The carbon footprint of a NextLife resin is 70% less than that of a virgin resin, the company said.  

NextLife Asset Recovery Services is a fully-owned subsidiary of NextLife Enterprise, LLC, headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla.

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