Reader Feedback: Investing in Energy

Sept. 16, 2010
The government has no idea how to allocate money.

Your take on the energy sector (First Up: "The Next Great Global Industry," August 2010) is dead on. I was one of the many applicants for ARPA-E, which, by the way, was started under President Bush. Of course the current administration made a few changes to the program to include forcing union wages on developers, making everything more expensive. The government has no idea how to allocate money. Most of the monies have gone to universities who use it to build buildings for their future renewable energy programs instead of to the guys who know how to do this today and have the appropriate business and manufacturing background.

I have sent you a description of my patented technology [for a next-generation, utility-grade wind-energy capture technology]. It has taken me five years and personal investment to get it to this point. I have been a manufacturer for 16 years making flight
simulators (

This is the kind of thing that needs to be pushed in that it is at least the next generation of product that addresses the current known issues. I have brought in ATK and L-3 as future providers of advanced composites manufacturing techniques and PM generators so far.

Frank McClintic
CEO, MaxFlight Corp.
Toms River, N.J.

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