New Manufacturing Software Update Provides 'What If' Scenarios

May 22, 2008
Can determine the impact of shifting inventory without running acutual transactions

Small manufacturers and wholesale distributors now have at their disposal an expanded Cash Manager Tool in the Peachtree 2009 product line created by Sage Software. They can anticipate cash needs and run "What If" scenarios to project the impact of various activities on the business. The impact of shifting inventory levels, capital expenditures, or other investments can be evaluated without running actual transactions. Cash flow projections can be made based on historical transactions or other activity. Those scenarios can all be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

"Especially in the current economy, the ability to see an accurate picture of cash flow at any point in time is critical to the long term success and growth potential of manufacturers and distributors," said Connie Certusi, general manager, small business accounting solutions, Sage Software.

Other new feature include:

  • More Historical Data -- Now companies can report on data outside of two open years, allowing them to easily compare budgets and financial results using more comprehensive historical trends.
  • Real Time Error Alerts -- Warnings when a company uses a non-standard A/P or A/R account on Purchase and Sales Invoices, as well as when they use non-Cash accounts on Receipts and Payments.
  • Flexible Payroll Management -- Numerous advancements make it easier to manage payroll, including payroll tax liability reporting, vacation and sick time tracking, increased flexibility in payroll set up, the ability to manage multiple retirement and insurance plans, and flexible spending accounts.

Other new capabilities regarding inventory managment include;serialized inventory tracking, multiple costing methods, flexible bill of materials processing, kitting and assemblies and the ability to sell in multi-quantity units.

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