China Says U.S. Violates WTO on Renewable Energy

Announcement follows U.S. decision to slap anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar cell makers.

China said Thursday that several U.S. policies supporting the American renewable energy industries violate World Trade Organization rules.

Six different measures introduced by the U.S. government in the renewable-energy sector are in breach of WTO regulations, the ministry of commerce said in a statement on its website.

The announcement came a week after a U.S. decision to slap hefty anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar cell makers.

The U.S. Commerce Department imposed levies of between 31% and 250% on Chinese producers and exporters after saying it had found they sold solar cells in the United States at artificially low prices, known as dumping.

China's commerce ministry, which did not go into detail about which U.S. policies it was referring to, said it had started an investigation of U.S. practices last November at the request of local industry associations.

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