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European PC Manufactures Market To Hit $90B Mark In 2005

Europe's top 500 PC manufacturers and assemblers saw a market value of product assembled at $89 billion in 2004 according to IT Europa's latest report, "PC Manufacturers/Assemblers in Europe, The Top 500." Growth is expected to continue this year aided by new technology and increased build-to-order offerings.

"'PC assemblers that have survived the severe consolidation experienced by the market are more lean and flexible than ever before. Speed-to-market and cost management remain essential tools to overcome further economic and industry challenges. With the prospect of a small group of global OEM customers tightening their grip on the PC market, understanding local assembly channels is fundamental for any vendor, distributor or reseller committed to deepening their reach in the European market," comments, Christine Bardwell, editor for the IT Europa report.

Improvements over the past year to meet changing market conditions include extended service agreements and online configuration allowing customers to select precise system specifications. Companies are also expanding product lines beyond traditional PC production, including MP3 players and digital devices. While the top international brands continue to be the major suppliers of PCs into Europe, local brands have a strong presence in many markets.

IT Europa

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