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Exxon to Build New Lubricant Plant in Texas

Plant will have 50,000-tons-per-year capacity.

Exxon Mobil Corp. will build a new lubricant base-stock plant at its Baytown, Texas, chemical complex to meet growing demand for more energy-efficient lubricants in industrial and automotive applications, the company said Sept. 22.

The plant will have a 50,000-tons-per-year capacity to produce the company's high-viscosity lubricants. Facility construction is expected to be completed in 2013.

The product, marketed under Exxon's SpectraSyn Elite brand, is a matallocene polyalphaolefin synthetic lubricant commonly used in closed-loop automotive applications, such as gear boxes, says George Pietrogallo, a spokesman for the company's chemical division.

The products from the facility will be commercially available to Exxon Mobil Chemical customers globally, Pietrogallo said.

Most of the jobs created from the new facility will be construction related.

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