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A French Non Say Oui To Eurochaos?

At month's end, May 29 to be exact, France will vote yes or no on a constitution covering all 25 current members of the European Union. All 25 nations must approve the constitution, which among other things promises to streamline the EU's bureaucracy, for it to take effect.

"Rejection . . . would call to attention, for people who do not follow the goings-on in Europe, the political, economic and demographic undercurrents that are stirring worries among many Europeans, not just the French," claims an article this week in [email protected], an online publication of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in Philadelphia. "But rejection would not derail the [European] integration process entirely-things are too far along for that-and would have minimal impact on financial markets and how business is conducted, according to [Wharton] faculty members," the article states.

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