How Do Gen 2 RFID Readers Stack Up?

Eight leading EPC compliant Gen 2 RFID readers were analyzed by ODIN technologies, a Dulles, Va.-based testing firm, for its study "Gen 2 RFID Reader Benchmark". The report, sponsored by Unisys, was devised to determine how well the readers worked on the job and to key end users into criteria they should employ when choosing readers.

"The timing for ODIN's Gen 2 reader benchmark could not be better. Three hundred Wal-Mart suppliers just gathered in Dallas to kick off their RFID programs. Wal-Mart's first wave of suppliers are in the midst of a Gen 2 transition. The Department of Defense is looking to roll out two dozen supply depots. Many others are getting started on ROI based RFID pilots," said Peter Regen, vice president, global visible commerce, Unisys.

The benchmark study includes performance testing related to distance, power output, receive sensitivity, interference rejection / dense reader mode and time to read tag population. The report also used tests replicating multiple dock doors, conveyors and stretch wrappers.

The report includes iGen 2 RFID readers from seven manufacturers: Alien Technology, Impinj, Intermec, OMRON, SAMSys (now Sirit), Symbol and ThingMagic.
The Gen 2 RFID Reader Benchmark is available at

ODIN technologies, Unisys

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