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Labor Shortage Hits Global Markets

Survey shows companies worldwide face talent crunch.

U.S. manufacturers aren't the only ones pounding the pavement for talent. A Manpower Inc. survey released in March of nearly 37,000 employers in 27 countries shows that 41% of companies worldwide are having problems filling skilled positions. U.S. employers mirror the global average, with 41% of 2,407 respondents reporting talent voids.

Worldwide, manufacturing-related positions that are in short supply of workers include skilled manual trades -- ranking second overall -- followed by technicians in third and engineers in fourth. Laborers, production operators and machinists/machine operators ranked in the bottom half of the top 10 jobs that employers are having difficulty filling. Countries with the lowest percentage of skilled-worker shortages include India, Ireland, the Netherlands and China.

Who's Seeking Workers

Country Percentage of respondents
facing talent shortages
Costa Rica 93%
Mexico 82%
New Zealand 62%
Australia 61%
Japan 61%
Source: Manpower Inc.

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