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Nestle Opens Plant in Nigeria

Africa brings in 3% of the company's multinational's sales and plans are to double that by the turn of the decade.

Nestle on Feb. 3 opened an $80 million factory in Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, in an expansion drive targeting the world's emerging markets. Africa brings in 3% of the Switzerland-based multinational's sales and plans are to double that by the turn of the decade.

"A big part of our growth will obviously come from emerging markets," said Nestle Group's CEO Paul Bulcke. "Africa has so many emerging consumers." Africa's population, already 15% of the world's total, is projected to grow by 50% by the year 2030.

Nigerian Vice President Namadi Sambo attended the ceremony to open the factory that will employ 180 people. The new factory located inNigeria's southwestern Ogun State is dedicated to the production of flavor-enhancing seasoning added to nearly all stews in Nigeria and many parts of West Africa.

Bulcke said Nestle plans to invest $1 billion on the continent over the next two years in new plants in Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique, among others. The multinational has operations in 27 African countries, with its largest single market South Africa, followed by Nigeria.

Africa, with one billion people, is a "continent of limitless possibilities," he said. Nigeria's population alone is 150 million. "Nigeria has a good internal market, Nigeria has resources," he said. "We see Nigeria as a major growth driver of Africa's development."

Companies face major hurdles in oil-rich Nigeria, including an erratic electricity supply and deeply rooted corruption, but those capable of overcoming the challenges can tap into a huge market.

Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2011

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