U.S. Chemicals Production Up in December

Electronics and rubber products industries drive nationwide gains.

Chemical production rose in all U.S. regions in December driven by gains in the Gulf Coast and Ohio Valley regions and increased output in key end-use markets, according to the American Chemistry Council.

The Chemical Production Regional Index increased 0.5% in December, following a 0.6% gain in November.

The industry benefited from increased output in key markets for chemistry products, including computers, electronics, and plastics and rubber products.

Production gains were particularly noticeable in the organic chemicals, plastic resins, synthetic rubber, coatings, adhesives and other specialties sectors. But the gains were partially offset by declines in the production of pharmaceuticals, industrial gases, consumer products, inorganic chemicals, synthetic dyes and pigments, artificial fibers, pesticides and fertilizers.

Compared to December 2009, total chemical production in all regions was up 2% and was up year-over-year in all regions.

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