Vehicle Systems Maker Plans to Close N.C. Plant

Haldex, a Stockholm-based vehicle systems manufacturer, said it plans to consolidate operations at two of its U.S. facilities, resulting in the closing of its Statesville, N.C., facility.

The Haldex plant in Statesville, N.C., will be closed after the company transfers the plant's manufacturing operations to the Haldex facility in Rockford, Ill., according to the company. Both plants are part of the company's Hydraulics Division.

"Following the merger and investments, the plant in Rockford will be a state-of-the-art operation with world-class processes in line with the lean manufacturing principles for production, development, quality, logistics and customer support," the company said.

The consolidation "will be implemented in mid-2010," the company said. A number of employees in Statesville will be given the opportunity to relocate to Rockford, according to Haldex.

"The merger is logical because the plants manufacture similar products," said Joakim Olsson, president and CEO of Haldex.

"This measure will enable us to take another step towards an optimized and cost-efficient group structure, enabling us to focus on areas where we can achieve a sustainable market position with innovative and leading products."

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