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Why US Mayors Are Flocking to China

Jan. 2, 2014
Mayors, including those from small towns, are meeting with companies in China to convince them that their cities are a perfect place to locate.

Last year, an American mayor touched down in China every three days to sell the attributes of their cities, according to the Economist.

And competition is fierce with cities making various claims. For example in 2011 Richard Mayor Daley declared Chicago to be the most “China-friendly” in America.  San Francisco is also vying for that title.

States too are active in the game. South Carolina has done a good job attracting Chinese companies and since 1991 received $392 million creating 1, 993 jobs.

Chinese direct investment into America rose by an average 71% a year between 2008 and 2012. 

Read the complete article, “Choose me! No, me!” in the Economist. 

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