Luvata ElectroFin Opens New Plant in Florida

The company provides HVAC/R coil corrosion coating services.

Luvata ElectroFin, Inc. recently announced the opening of its newest location in Tampa, Florida. The company, a supplier of HVAC/R coil corrosion coating services, manufactures ElectroFin Insitu, a spray-applied corrosion-resistant coil coating.

"The coil corrosion protection offered by Luvata retains the operating efficiency of the unit longer while reducing maintenance, replacement and operating costs. This ultimately extends the length of service of HVAC&R systems, often desired during these tough economic times," explains Ralph Rice, General Manager, Luvata ElectroFin.

The company also produces ElectroFin E-coat which is used by OEMs as a corrosion protection for fin and tube heat exchangers in coastal environments. As a factory applied solution, it offers corrosion resistance, as well as uniformity of coverage and coating thickness, guaranteed effective in coastal environments in reducing maintenance, replacement and operating costs.

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