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Hall of Fame 2014: Six Who Make a Difference

Nov. 4, 2014
Four CEOs, two inventors: IndustryWeek's 2014 Manufacturing Hall of Fame class.

The six inductees who make up the sixth IndustryWeek Manufacturing Hall of Fame class are an impressive group.

They fall neatly into two categories: four CEOs, two inventors.

And the products their companies create represent a broad swath of American manufacturing.

Automobiles. Automotive repair tools. Metal-cutting tools. Chemicals. Computers. 3-D printing.

Without further ado, here is our 2014 Manufacturing Hall of Fame class:

Carlos Cardoso, whose life story epitomizes the American Dream and whose career has been driven by his fervent advocacy of the U.S. manufacturing industry.

Carl Deckard, whose invention of selective laser sintering cements his status as one of the founding fathers of 3-D printing.

Carlos Ghosn, the French-Lebanese-Brazilian CEO whose resurrection of Renault earned him the colorful alias "Le Cost Killer."

Andrew Liveris, who transformed Dow Chemical by changing its focus from commoditization-susceptible chemicals to high-growth specialty products.

Nick Pinchuk, the charismatic leader of Snap-on, who deems manufacturing so central to our country's DNA that he refers to it as our "national calling."

Steve Wozniak, "The Wizard of Woz," who single-handedly designed the Apple I and Apple II computers.

Like we said: an impressive group. Read about these world-class leaders in the pages that follow, and see how lucky we are that they chose this industry to devote their work lives to.

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